डकर्मी पेशाको पूर्व सिकाई मान्यता (RPL) विधिद्वारा सीप परीक्षण सुरुवात

प्राविधिकशिक्षा तथा व्यावसायिक तालिमपरिषद्, राष्ट्रिय सीप परीक्षण समितिद्धारा आज मिति २०७५साल मंशिर २८ गते CEConstruction त्रिपुरेश्वरबाटडकर्मी पेशाको पुर्व सिकाइ मान्यता प्रणाली (Recognition of Prior Learning )द्धारा तह १ र२ को सीप परीक्षणकार्य सुभारम्भ भयो । जम्मा१६ जना सहभागीहरु उक्तसीप परीक्षणमा सहभागी भएका छन् ।CE Construction को सहयोगमा राष्ट्रियव्यावसायिक योग्यता प्रणाली (Nepal VocationalQualifications System-NVQS), राष्ट्रियसीप परीक्षण समितिको आयोजनामा संचालित उक्त सीप परीक्षणमासहभागीहरु २ बर्ष देखि२३ सम्मका अनुभवी कार्यरत कामदारहरु सहभागी भएका छन् ।सीप परीक्षण सम्वन्धी अभिमुखीकरण समितिका उप निर्देशक श्रीटैलेन्द्र आचार्य र NVQS काक्षमता अभिवृद्धि विशेषज्ञ श्री प्रतिभा जोशीलेदिनु भएको थियो ।
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CE Construction Pvt. Ltd. bagged the popular award "BEST MANAGED HOUSING COMPANY, 2017" in the fourth NewBiz Conclave & Business Excellence Awards Ceremony, 2017 organized by New Business Age on, 22nd September, Friday @ Hotel Soaltee Crowne Plaza. A total of 26 awards in 11 different categories were awarded to the winners. Award winners were decided by stringent jury members of 20 people. Er. Gopal Manandhar, the Operations Director, received the award on behalf of the company amid over 400 individuals present in the hall with a loud cherish and round of applause. CE, an ISO 9001: 2015, has successfully accomplished 20 housings and 250 construction projects under its belt already. This honor has further enhanced CE’s quality and competency in the field of housing and construction.

CE Cup Futsal Tournament 2074 – "Work Hard, Play Harder"

Like in the precedent years, this year, on 17th Bhadra, 2074, CE organized CE Cup Futsal Tournament at Kumari Futsal, Thamel. The tournament was held with the aim of nurturing companionship and sportsmanship and saw enthusiastic participation from CE and its joint ventures.

A total of 14 teams participated in the league tournament consisting of 11 male and 3 female teams. Outclassing other teams, Grande Villa & Tower won the tournament, second time in a row whereas CE Services became the winner of ladies futsal.

Both the winners and runner-ups were awarded with a trophy, gold medals and cash prizes. Radha Krishna Khadka scored a massive 12 goals in the league and became the highest scorer.

CE awarded for “Best Print Advertisement”

CE Real Estate is awarded with “MERIT AWARD” on the category of “BEST PRINT ADVERTISEMENT" published on NEW BUSINESS AGE 2073-74 for an advertisement of “SALLAGHARI COLONY – A Place for Family Happiness”.

With an aim of honoring creative excellence, the business magazine has been awarding multiple organizations for their distinction efforts in the field of advertisement.

CE awarded with Safety Certificate

CE Construction is awarded with certificate of excellence in recognition of safety performance operation without any recordable case in civil construction by Everest Hospitality and Hotel Pvt. Ltd. The certificate was honored to remark zero / no-accidents in construction of Hotel Marriott, Naxal during 2014- 2017. CE Construction has always given the highest priority to safety measures during construction.

CE awarded with Safety Certificate

CE Construction is awarded with certificate of excellence in recognition of safety performance operation without any recordable case in civil construction by Everest Hospitality and Hotel Pvt. Ltd. The certificate was honored to remark zero / no-accidents in construction of Hotel Marriott, Naxal during 2014- 2017. CE Construction has always given the highest priority to safety measures during construction.

CE trains for housekeeping

On the month of June, a short informative session on domestic science was held for housekeeping staffs of CE. The session covered basic etiquette, personal hygiene, greetings, safety measures and benefits of good housekeeping. The event was followed by distribution of a set of apron and chef cap to all the housekeeping staffs.

CE certified with ISO 9001:2015

Quality Management System of CE Construction Pvt. Ltd. has been certified with ISO 9001:2015 by International Certification Services Pvt. Ltd. for complying with the requirements of International Standards in the field of Construction, Project Management and Project Development. In 2014, CE was certified with ISO 9001:2008.
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CE celebrated Silver Jubilee with exuberance

With successful completion of 25 years in the field of construction, CE celebrated its Silver Jubilee at Hotel Radisson Lazimpat, Kathmandu on 10th Baisakh, 2074. The trio - Er. Bijay Rajbhandary (Chairman & Managing Director), Er. Gopal Manandhar (Operation Director) and Er. Shyam Milan Shrestha(Finance Director) highlighted the achievements of the company during the time span of 25 years. During the ceremony, 51 new members were welcomed in the CE family whereas hardwork of members completing 10,15 and 25 years were appreciated with tokens of gratitude and honorariums. Company conducted 25+ charity programs during the year and was mentioned in the event. Event was further feliciated with various funs and activities.

अमेरिकाको अवसर छोडेर जसले नेपालमै दिए ३ हजारलाइ रोजगारी

Bijay Rajbhandary, founder and chairman of CE Construction holds a Masters in Construction Management degree from University of New Mexico, USA. Having worked as a Project Manager in a reputed firm in US, he returned to Nepal 26 years ago in order to create opportunities by carrying out developmental activities in the nation. He is a firm believer of giving back to the country. A Civil Engineer by profession and an entrepreneur by spirit, his spiritual wisdom has guided his company, CE to the heights it has achieved in 26 years since its establishment. Despite a hectic work life, Bijay Rajbhanday leads a well balanced life - catering to his mental and physical well being. He owes his wellbeing to regular practice of Vipassana Meditation and Yoga. He is a firm believer of the benefits of Vipassana, as it is non-sectarian and has proven to be instrumental in the betterment of his life and in the lives of many others. He is not only an avid practitioner but is also a teacher who conducts a number of courses every year. In his 33 years of professional career, he has been through many ups and downs. His core strength has been to see the best within people and has always been passionate about mentoring and counseling people. His sense of compassion has enriched his company culture, turning CE into a company whose staffs contribute to the organization with enthusiasm and with a feeling of gratitude. Bijay Rajbhandary now wishes to share this compassion with the larger masses. For your own benefit and for the benfit of many, Bijay Rajbhandary has come up with a promising program on 'self-realizations and reflections'. This two days program shall dwell in knowing oneself in order to upgrade ones professional, spiritual and physical capabilities using unique techniques Mr. Rajbhandary has developed and mastered over his lifetime. The coach will share his personal experiences and the instances of failure and moments of true motivation that provided him with the zeal to keep going and to reach a point where he is today. Many people have been inspired by his words of wisdom and felt positive changes in their lives from his counsels and he hopes his words during this program may inspire you as well.

CE in Bagmati Safai Maha-Abhiyaan

Celebrating its silver jubilee, CE Construction Pvt. Ltd. joined the 200th week of Bagmati Safai Maha-Abhiyan with a social theme of clean and healthy Kathmandu. In rainy day of 11th March, early at 7AM, CE Team gathered at Kupondol for the occasion. Despite the challenging weather, more than 150 CE members participated in the campaign and vigorously got involved in cleaning the streets and river side. The team collected more than a truck of garbage and later safely disposed in dedicated zone. The team marched from kupondol and joined the major event held on Sankhamul. The event was an organizational effort for making the team socially responsible citizens. Seeing an immense enthusiasm of the participants, management is planning for similar events in the coming days.

CE white-washed school building

Earlier this month of March, 2017, CE Construction Pvt. Ltd. white-washed the building of Shree Ram Janaki Aadharbhut Vidhyala located in Nayapati, Sundarijal. On the momentous occurrence of silver jubilee, CE joined hands with Rotary Club of Rajdhani and painted school building. CE aided to the school which is in the phase of resurrection, as its structures got demolished in the horrifying earthquake of 2015.The school members heartily thanked CE family for their efforts in reviving the school ambience and encouraging the students. On the occasion of 25th anniversary, CE has been involved in multiple social activities. CE has been following on the motto of “Giving back to the society” since from its early days and will be complying with the same in the days ahead.

CE Quiz Contest

On the delightful occasion of 25th Anniversary, CE Construction organized “CE Quiz Contest”, 8th March, 2017. With the essence of making CE members know more about CE and its history, the program was designed in an innovative way. The event saw an active participation of all the members of CE. Altogether 13 teams competed for the title with audience of more than 150. The contest was completed in 3 sessions of 5, 4 & 4 teams in league session, and winners of each session competed in the finale. IT Department bagged the title leaving others far behind; hence grabbed the first position of the “CE Quiz Contest”. Meanwhile, Mangal-Kumudini and Accounts Team (A) secured second and third position respectively. The winners were awarded with trophy, cash prize and certificates. Realizing the overwhelming participation from audience in the regular sessions, there was a separate round for audience over the 8th round of Finale session. The zeal to answer the questions and receive the prizes was vividly seen. The level of enthusiasm seen among the participants proves the program was a success. Management has decided for the continual of the program in the coming days as programs as such enable staffs’ tendency to learn further about the company and nurture their reading habit. The program was conducted at Baithak Events & Venue, Tripureswor.

CE provides a helping hand to HIV- infected children

Celebrating the glory of 25th Anniversary hand on hand, CE provided financial assistance to Baby Life Home, Kirtipur. The event was organized in New Baneswor; initiated by Sunaulo Haat Nepal. Baby Life Home is a social NGO established with an objective to cater food; lodging and educational needs of HIV- infected children. Currently, the organization shelters 23 children. As scheduled, representatives of CE handed fund to Baby Life Home. During the program, children showed their heart-touching performances and made the audience emotional.

असहाय बालबालिकाको साथमा सीईको रजत जयन्ती

घर जग्गा तथा रियल स्टेट व्यवसायिक समूह सीई ग्रुपले नवकिरण अनाथ तथा असहाय आश्रमका ४० बालबालिकालाई ज्याकेट वितरण गरेको छ । आफ्नो स्थापनाको २५ औ बर्ष अर्थात रजत जयन्तीका क्रममा सो समूहले उक्त सहयोग प्रदान गरेको हो ।‘मेकिङ दिस विन्टर वार्म’भन्ने नाराका साथ गु्रपले ज्याकेट वितरण गरेको जानकारी दिएको छ । ग्रुपका संस्थापकहरु विजय राजभण्डारी ,गोपाल मानन्धर र श्याम मीलन श्रेष्ठले बालबालिकाहरुलाइ ज्याकेट वितरण गरेका थिए । गत साता ग्रुपले मानव सेवा आश्रमका वृद्धवृद्धालाई व्याङकेट वितरण गरेको थियो । ग्रुपले प्रत्येक वर्ष विभिन्न सामाजिक कार्य गर्दै आइरहेको छ । यस वर्ष भने रजतजयन्ती परेकोले वर्षभरी नै सामाजिक कार्य सञ्चालन गरिने बताइएको छ ।

CE handed necessities for old

On the occasion of 25th anniversary, CE Construction Pvt. Ltd. distributed blankets to elderly and mentally disadvantaged citizens of Manav Sewa Ashram, Samakhusi on 12th Poush 2073. With the slogan of “Making this Winter Warm”, CE provided a helping hand to 24 old citizens residing in the old age home to battle the Kathmandu-cold. Sanitary materials like Herpic, diapers, handwash were also distributed.Since its establishment, CE has been thoroughly following “Giving back to the society” theme in its operations. Every year, CE has been conducting various activities like blood donation, Bagmati cleaning campaign, afforestation and many more as a part of social commitment. As a celebration for Silver Jubilee, CE will be conducting various activities throughout the year.

Shambu Phuyal, General Manager of CE, handed the blankets and sanitary items to Manav Sewa Ashram. The Ashram has been providing fooding and shelter for elderly populaces, differently-abled, children and mentally challenged since 2012.

“We are members of society. We need to give back what we can,” said Phuyal, adding, “CE is always more than ready to help to make our society a better place for everyone.” CE is one of the established names in the real estate business. It has been in the field of construction since 1992.

Project Manager's Workshop

CE Construction always believes in nurturing talent and building future leaders, with the same intention "Project Manager's Workshop" was conducted on 11th November and 12th November,2016 in Nagarkot. The objective of workshop was to provide interactive platform to project managers to build team building spirit and enhance their presentation skills .The session had a series of presentation by project manger's about their project details and their experience with the same .There were discussion and brainstorming about the project issues among all the managers and it was a collaborative efforts and learning for everyone .The session also consisted of group activities to engage the manager's and to have incorporate the spirit of team building .It was followed by a fun session by sharing jokes and a good laugh stock. CE Construction MD Er.Bijay Rajbhandary conducted session about self-reflection & realization concept and asked employees to share their views and experience on the same, which was fruitful learning experience .The session ended with some important guidelines by the MD and other directors of CE Construction.

CE Cup Futsal Tournament 2073

“Lets Futsal”

Employee Rejuvenation Program

“All work and no play make jack a dull boy”. This proverb fits perfectly into present day lifestyle of working group. On an average, an employee spends two third of a day at workplace. In such, rejuvenation programs are ideal for maintaining the zeal of employees at work and on personal level.

Realizing this necessitate of the hour, CE Construction has recently organized a 2 days CE Cup Futsal Tournament with a motto “Lets Futsal” among its inter-department and inter-project teams. The tournament consisted by 13 gent’s team and 4 ladies team. Quoted to Er. Bijay Rajbhandary, Chairman and Managing Director - CE Construction Pvt. Ltd., “Our objective was to break continuous work pressure with some physical and mental refreshment and we have been succeed to regain employees energy level.” CE’s Staff working in diversified projects are benefitted on developing healthy relationship among each other by this tournament.Project Grande Villa/Grande Towers Team created the history by winning trophy for gent’s category whereas the title of ladies was bagged by the team of energetic architects. Mr. Radha Krishna Khadka from Marketing/Services Team won the title of highest goal scorer by scoring 8 goals in the tournament.

he directors Er. Bijay Rajbhandary, Er. Shyam Milan Shrestha and Er. Gopal Manandhar jointly handed the certificates, trophies and cheque to the winners. The final match was played on 15thAshwin 2073.
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हाउजिङमा बस्नेभन्दा व्यक्तिगत घर बनाएर बस्ने मानिसले बढी असुरक्षित महसुस गरे ।

भूकम्प गएपछि हाउजिङमा बस्नेभन्दा व्यक्तिगत घर बनाएर बस्ने मानिसले बढी असुरक्षित महसुस गरे । कारण– आफूले बलियो घर बनाए पनि छिमेकीको घर बलियो नहुँदा कुन बेला ढलेर आफूलाई च्याँप्छ भन्ने डर छ । व्यक्तिगत घरहरु धेरै भत्किएकाले उनीहरुको बास पनि बाहिर नै भयो । तर, डेभलपर्सले बनाएका हाउजिङमा त्यस्तो कुनै असर देखिएन ।
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Blood Donation Program in Occasion of 25 years of CE Construction

Concurring with the advent of company into 26 year of its operation, CE Construction has organized a blood donation program as a part of its CSR initiative. The event was inaugurated by its Chairman Mr. Bijay Rajbhandary by donating the blood. Mr. Bijay Rajbhandary informed that the company will initiate various CSR activities throughout the year to mark the silver jubilee celebration of the company. The event was participated by 116 Employees and well-wishers donating the blood. The camp was organized with a message ‘Donating blood is as good for your health as it is for the receiver’. I would like to express my sincere gratitude towards all my business partners, employees, regulatory bodies, media and well-wishers for their support in bringing the company to this stage, said Mr. Rajbhandary. Established in 1992, the company has accomplished more than 200 projects in the tenure of last 26 years.
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CE with new projects at Hattiban and Sallaghari

CE has opened bookings for two individual housing projects Hattiban Housing and Sallaghari Colony. - The Himalayan Times
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CE to celebrate SILVER JUBILEE throughout the year

CE Construction wishes sincere appreciation to our employees for their loyal support as we complete 24 years and enter to the Silver Jubilee in the business. Since this year will be one of the milestones in its history, CE plans to celebrate the anniversary by conducting various activities throughout the year. We kick started the celebration by organizing "Water Distribution Program" on 21st May, 2016 on the auspicious day of Buddha Jayanti at the premise of Swayambhu Nath Stupa. The program was a successful and satisfying experience as we got to quench the thirst of thousands of devotees of Lord Buddha at Swoyambhu Nath temple.
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Celebration of 24 years of success: 24th CE Day

With the completion of 24 years of success, CE recently celebrated its 24th Corporate Anniversary at Agriculture Development Bank Central Training Center, Bode, Bhaktapur on 10th Baishakh 2073. Er. Bijay Rajbhandary, the Managing Director, and Er. Gopal Manandhar, the Operations Director, highlighted the major progress and achievement of the company during the year. They also expressed their deep concerns on past year tragic issues lead by natural disasters and political upheavals in the country. Yet in such hard time, CE foresees and takes initiation to transform the difficulties into opportunities.

During the program, new members were welcomed in the family and staffs completing 10, 15 and 20 years of service in the company were honored with tokens of appreciation and honorariums. Management of the company also announces to celebrate upcoming anniversary by conducting various activities throughout the year as CE enters to the Silver Jubilee in the business.
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CE Cup Futsal Tournament 2072 – "It's not about showing skills, it's about showing togetherness"

CE Construction organized its first ever CE Cup Futsal Tournament amid scores of enthuse and passion. The event was organized with an objective to boost the sense of teamwork and togetherness among its fellow colleagues.

The players that were divided into 17 teams exhibited commendable sportsmanship and team spirit. The 2 day long exhilarating tournament came to its grand conclusion on 16thAswin, 2072, and winner were awarded trophy and medals collectively by its Directors trio Mr. Bijay Rajbhandary, Mr. Gopal Manandhar and Mr. Shyam Milan Shrestha. The directors also distributed certificates to all the participants of the event.

The Marketing team, CE Construction Ladies team, and Veteran team (that was led by Director Mr. Shyam Milan Shrestha) witness the glorious victory in final match that was rejoiced by all the fellow participants.
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Earthquake fund distribution program

CE Construction has always bestowed its employees for its success and company deeply feels the pain of tragedies and loss brought to our employees due to devastating earthquake of 12th April, 2015. With the established company philosophy of 'Sense of Belonging' and 'Sharing is Caring' company is determined to help its employees recover from the damages lead by the quake. In doing so, CE successfully raised more than Nrs. 15,00,000/- from its staff family and directors for earthquake relief fund and reached out to 145 employees whose houses were severely damaged in an earthquake fund distribution program organized on 30th September 2015.

ReConstruction Authority

ReConstruction Authority begins work; Select Pilachhein to implement urban renewal project ..
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Recent Earthquake- a more of an opportunity

Recent Earthquake- a more of an opportunity, when seen from eyes of Chairman & Managing Director, Mr. Bijay Rajbhandary – New Business Age
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Chairman & Managing Director gets candid on interview with Hope online

Chairman & Managing Director, Mr. Bijay Rajbhandary gets candid on interview with Hope online; sharing his journey from Spirituality to Construction.
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A moment of Gratitude

A moment of Gratitude – Mr. Ferdinand Stange, The Great Lotus Stupa – Tara Foundation, Germany
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CE over joys with a new feather in cap

CE has been awarded contract for constructing a 23.5 MW Upper Solu Hydro Electric Project situated at Salme, Solukhumbu.It has signed an agreement with ICTC on 29 December, 2014 for construction this run of river project. With the triumph of winning such prestigious infrastructure development project, CE is venturing into Hydro power development.

Trinity visits to Bhutan

The Chairman and MD Mr. Bijay Rajbhandary, and the directors Mr. Gopal Manandhar and Mr. Shyam Milan Shrestha visited Bhutan to sign the Concession Agreement for the project undertaken by KCR Consortium in Thimpu, Bhutan. The agreement was signed between Thimpu Thromde and KCR Consortium on September 1st.

The Consortium will be responsible for development, operation and management of integrated parking system including two new multi level car parks in Thimpu, Bhutan. Mr. Bijay Rajbhandary is the Chairman of this consortium and CE is its lead Partner.

CE to pitch into a new arena

All set to make mark in global arena, CE, along with its consortium partners has recently bagged a contract for the development and Management of Integrated Parking System including Two New Multi-Level Car Parks/commercial complex in Thimpu, Bhutan under BOT mode.

Two more new hotel projects for CE

After successfully completing project like Hotel Shambala, and with Hotel Ambassador under way, CE Construction has now obtained construction contracts for two more new hotel projects - Flagship Hotel Marriott and Hotel Mystic Mountain. CE Construction signed a construction agreement on July 10, 2014 with Everest Hospitality Group P. Ltd., owner of the proposed five-star deluxe Flagship Marriott Hotel in Naxal. Similarly, CE Construction which entered into an agreement with Hotel Mystic Mountain Pvt. Ltd. on July 3, 2014 has already started resource mobilization for the construction of Hotel Mystic Mountains which is located in scenic Nagarkot.

Leadership Skill for Managers

What qualities are most important for a manager to be an effective leader? It's a question often asked and one that makes us sit back and think. Concerning this matter, CE had recently organized the training program on 'Leadership Skill for Managers' on 18th June 2014 at CHRDU Hall, Telkot, Nagarkot. Mr. Sudeep Banset, a Certified Life Coach from Academic Life Coaching LLC-USA, has conducted the program in very effective way. The managers of the company who participated in the program showed full enthusiasm and enjoyed the program whole-heartedly. The program became more interesting when Mr. Anil Chitrakar, a renowned Social Entrepreneur and Motivational leader, appeared as a guest speaker. He spoke from a depth of his knowledge and experiences and influenced the team very positively. Overall, the program encouraged and helped the participants to become more confident, resilient and adaptable leader who can better cope up with dynamism and mentor future leaders for the organization

Mark of Recognition

The Chairman Mr. Bijay Rajbhandary was recognized with Homeland Real Estate Award for his outstanding contribution in developing and dignifying real estate development in Nepal.

CE celebrates its 22nd Anniversary

CE celebrated its 22nd Anniversary amid fun and content at Godawari Village Resort on Baisakh 10, 2071. The event marked the successful completion of its 22 glorious years in the sector. During the program, the chairman Er. Bijay Rajbhandary shared the recent progress made by the company to all the members and suggested the future road map for scaling new heights. Following the tradition, the staffs completing 10, 15 and 20 years in the organization were felicitated with tokens of appreciation and honorariums and the new members were welcomed in the family.

CE to do more construction project for Healthcare sector

CE has signed a contract with Nepal Cancer hospital and research center for construction of radiation Bunker and radiation department building at Harisiddhi on April 21, 2014

A new infrastructural project in CE's Kitty

An agreement was signed between Kathmandu Fun Park and CE Construction Pvt. Ltd. for the construction of Bottom Station of Chandragiri Cable car project situated at Thankot. The agreement was signed on 18 April, 2014

CE in a globalization spree

CE Construction has recently established a company in Singapore with an aim to undertake more international projects under its flagship. The company, identified as Collaborative Endeavour, Singapore is founded with a prime objective to involve in Real Estate, Construction and Designing projects as main business and Investment and Trading as auxiliary business in international market.

Construction as its forte, CE to prevail in internationally acclaimed educational institution.

CE construction wins a contract for constructing Meridian International School, at Tokha, which has its ties with International Foundation of Turkey. An agreement was signed between CE construction and Avicenna Medi Nepal Pvt. Ltd on Feb 24, 2014 to construct Meridian International School at Tokha.

CE to do more Construction Projects for Reputed Corporate Houses

1. CE construction has recently signed a contract with M/s Global IME Bank ltd. for constructing its corporate office building at Kamaladi.

2. Gorkha Brewery Pvt. Ltd., a part of Carlsberg group has recently awarded CE Construction a construction contract for Civil, Structural and Infrastructural work in its factory situated at Chitwan.

CE's New Housing Colony in the offing.

CE construction is going to launch its new housing project called "Scenic Housing", at the base of Santaneshwor Mahadev in Thaiba, Lalitpur promoted by M/s Shivam Developers. The bookings for this project will be made open soon.

CE's further steps to go global

With the aim to underscore global collaborative initiatives, CE Construction has recently signed a MOU on 26 Dec 2013 with M/s KNG Trading, a company promoted by a well-established and reputable businessman in Bhutan. The Chairman Bijay Rajbhandary along with other senior officials of CE recently visited Bhutan for the signing ceremony. The CE team is very much upbeat about the undertaking and expressed that this is a win-win situation for businesses in both these countries. Such endeavors shall further strengthen the relationship between the two countries.

The Director Duo visits Tibet

The Chairman and MD Mr. Bijay Rajbhandary and the Operations Director Mr. Gopal Manandhar accompanied by other senior staffs visited Tibet on 26 Nov 2013 upon receiving an invitation from Tibetian hotelier. CE has been requested to design a boutique hotel to be constructed in Tibet.

Capacity Building at CE

Capacity building is an important asset for each individual. Concerning this matter, program on the theme "Capacity Building at CE" has been organized on 20th Dec 2013. For this purpose, priority has been given to women employees of the company. The program was conducted in a very impressive way by Mr. Raman Nepali from "Prabha Raman Foundation". He highlighted upon the facts of life and moving ahead with positive thoughts. His motivational and impressive attitude of conducting the program has influenced all the participants. Besides, team building games, interactive programs and inspirational presentations have been heartily appreciated and enjoyed by every participant. Evidently, the enthusiasm of the participants were escalated to new height with most of them expressing the feel of positivity, confidence, and powerfulness as well as thought provoking and empowering. This program benefits to having higher influence in each individual for professional growth and healthy working environment.

Snap-shots from 21st CE day celebrations held in Gokarna Golf Resort.

NYEF Young Entrepreneurs Talk Program

Er. Bijay Rajbhandary, Chairman/ Managing Director of CE group of companies addressed the young entrepreneurs with his two decades' of entrepreneurial journey which entailed initiations, hardships, harassment, frustration, rewards, appreciation and ultimately, the achievement at NIMBUS Young Entrepreneur Summit (YES) organized by Nepal Young Entrepreneurs' Forum (NYEF) on August 16, 2012. The presentation aimed to motivate and develop social entrepreneurs and it was very well received by the audience that belonged to different parts of the country.

CE Marks 20 Years in Service Excellence

CE celebrated its 20th Anniversary completing twenty glorious and successful years in Service Excellence. The event was held at the Trade Tower, Thapathali on April 22, 2012 where Founder / CEO of CE Group Er. Bijay Rajbhandary had recollected vivid memories of his visions he saw 20 years back now being realized cherishing every moment of the hard work the team had put in as reflected in his heartfelt speech often paused by emotional moments while presenting the company's progress report and the future roadmap.

On the same occasion Er. Shyam Milan Shrestha, the Finance Director of CE felicitated all those staffs having completed 20, 15 and 10 years of respective services at CE with tokens of appreciation and honorariums. The new 32 members were also warmly welcomed into the CE family.

The program was presided over by Er. Gopal Manandhar, Operations Director of CE and ended the formal program with his highly motivational speech.

CE Associates with Annapurna Real Estate Expo

Er. Bijay Rajbhandary and Dr. Chakra Raj Pandey, CEO and Medical Director of Grande International Hospital paid a visit to US on Feb. 11 – Feb. 19, 2012 to explore different aspects related to the hospital. They had visited several hospitals and medical equipment manufacturers in the US.

Chairman and Operations Director visit Delhi

Er. Bijay Rajbhandary and Er. Gopal Manandhar, Chairman and Operations Director of CE group of companies respectively visited Delhi from 5th – 10th, December 2011. The five days long visit included meeting with Spectral Services Consultant Pvt. Ltd, Delhi, MEP (Mechanical Electrical & Plumbing) consultant for Grande International Hospital (JV with CE Construction Pvt. Ltd). Furthermore, Chairman Rajbhandary also visited the Medical Fair being organized in the capital during his visit to India.

CE's social initiative

Continuing with the tradition, a blood donation program was organized by the CE staffs on 4th November 2011 at CE premises with the assistance from Nepal Red Cross Society. The camp was inaugurated by the Operations Director Er. Gopal Manandhar by donating his blood. Peoples' enthusiasm in the program was overwhelming and the camp succeeded in collecting blood from over 88 people. Majority of the participants belonged to CE group of companies and Vibor Bank. Similarly many volunteers and paramedical staffs were deployed for the event to ensure smooth operation of the program. CE highly acknowledges its staffs for their social initiatives and all the other participants for making the event a success.

Samitivej Hospital from Thailand in Nepal

Grande International Hospital (GIH), an associate venture of CE Construction Pvt. Ltd has teamed up with Samitivej, a leading hospital of Thailand which will come into operation in April 2012. Hospital Management Service Agreement was signed on Saturday, 23rd April, 2011 by Dr. Roop Jyoti, Chairman of Grande International Hospital and Mr. Raymond Chong, Managing Director and CEO of Samitivej Hospital amidst the presence of other dignitaries of the hospital. GIH is a 14 storied 200 bedded hospital having 8 operation theatres with its footprint set on 23 ropanis of land in Dhapasi. Samitivej Hospitals are one of the leading private hospital groups in Thailand which was awarded with the prestigious recognition as a "Mother and Baby Friendly Hospital" by WHO and UNICEF in 1999.

CE celebrates its 19th Anniversary

CE completed its 19 years of an eventful journey and stepped on its 20th year on April 23rd, 2011. To mark this special day, CE celebrated it with staffs at Godavari Village Resort. During the program, Bijay Rajbhandary, Chairman and Managing Director (MD) updated 183 staffs with CE's performance, effort and achievements of the year leading to the present scenario and defined its future course of actions. The MD profoundly addressed all 183 staffs with eternal employment services. He also made an announcement on CE- Qatar Trading & Contracting Company which has been established as an expansion beyond boundaries. He then disclosed that the company now is ISO 9001:2008 certified. The standard complies with Quality Management System (QMS) and shared his optimism that the certification will contribute to the company in being more effective and in doing global projects in coming days. Moreover, the program also upheld and congratulated those staffs completing 10 and 15 years of service at CE with recognition seal and monetary incentives. Similarly the new members of the company were welcomed and given a brief orientation about the company followed by recreation activities.

National Real Estate Expo in Chitwan 2011

Along with the firm expansion principle, CE Construction participated in the National Real Estate Expo that commenced from 18th - 27th February, 2011 in Sauraha Chowk, Ratnanagar Municipality organized by Narayani Land and Business Association. Throughout the exhibition, overwhelmed visitors got chances to see the different projects of CE operating consecutively with its live mock ups. CE believes that the unbeatable quality standards of CE and fascinating past work experiences helped to develop the brand faith towards CE. The apprehension of organized living by the local public has definitely made Chitwan as the next potential market choice. CE achieved the recognition of Best (Outstanding) Stall of the event, with other various appraisals too. CE considered its participation in Chitwan Expo as their positive vibes towards its progressive work structure.

CE spreads out its Wings further

Adhering to its vision of diversified integration, CE established "CE Hydro Pvt. Ltd." making the total number of associated ventures of CE to 18 companies. CE Hydro will concentrate on manufacturing hydro components besides metal works. Similarly under the territorial expansion strategy, CE is moving beyond the valley to the city of beauty, Pokhara. Concentrating on its core operation- Construction, it will be undertaking CB Residency at Pokhara.