The sustainable development of immense hydropower potential in the country is seen as the engine for Nepal's economic prosperity. This is possible through serving rising electricity demand in the domestic market and by securing a key role in ensuring appropriate generation mix towards regional energy security in South Asia. CE has core competence that aims to provide sustainable solutions through innovation and value engineering to the whole gamut of issues with a lucid understanding of the life cycle of the hydropower development while addressing social management and environmental challenges in a complex project implementation milieu.

CE core competencies include the resource and technical capability, institutional setup, and competent human resources to provide complete integrated solutions for the implementation of hydropower projects at the shortest possible time while maintaining the highest quality standards at the most competitive price. Such competence takes off from the identification of a potential hydropower site to operation and generation optimization of the well-built facilities.

CE has a core team of professionals who have extensive knowledge and experience in hydropower development and are among the few best hydro-professionals available in Nepal. CE maintains the best working relations with the government agencies and Nepal Electricity Authority. It also has the best relations with the best consulting firms, and the top-notch hydro professional in the country as well as the international firms for outsourcing the works of large volume.

Last updated: 27 January 2024

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