Social Initiative - CESEF

CESEF is the acronym of Cost Effective Social and Environment Friendly Building Materials and Techniques which is a technology transfer project implemented by Skat consulting and funded by Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation in Nepal since January 2005 in Nepal. With the main objective of initiating and providing Clean Building Technology solutions, its different related tasks focus on three vital areas: environment, economics and social components through cost optimization, reduction on embodied energy and by generating local jobs. Here at CE, our collaboration with CESEF is an initiation to introduce technologies which certainly are not new, but rather oblivious to some extent which when implemented bring optimization in cost, consumption and energy. Therefore, the main objective is going green with a genuine cause of acting locally and making an impact globally as far as possible.

Bagmati Safai Maha-Abhiyaan

Celebrating its silver jubilee, CE Construction Pvt. Ltd. joined the 200th week of Bagmati Safai Maha-Abhiyan with a social theme of clean and healthy Kathmandu. In rainy day of 11th March, early at 7AM, CE Team gathered at Kupondol for the occasion. Despite the challenging weather, more than 150 CE members participated in the campaign and vigorously got involved in cleaning the streets and river side. The team collected more than a truck of garbage and later safely disposed in dedicated zone. The team marched from kupondol and joined the major event held on Sankhamul. The event was an organizational effort for making the team socially responsible citizens. Seeing an immense enthusiasm of the participants, management is planning for similar events in the coming days.

Blood Donation Program 

Concurring with the advent of company into 26 year of its operation, CE Construction has organized a blood donation program as a part of its CSR initiative. The event was inaugurated by its Chairman Mr. Bijay Rajbhandary by donating the blood. Mr. Bijay Rajbhandary informed that the company will initiate various CSR activities throughout the year to mark the silver jubilee celebration of the company. The event was participated by 116 Employees and well-wishers donating the blood. The camp was organized with a message ‘Donating blood is as good for your health as it is for the receiver’.

CE white-washed school building

Earlier this month of March, 2017, CE Construction Pvt. Ltd. white-washed the building of Shree Ram Janaki Aadharbhut Vidhyala located in Nayapati, Sundarijal. On the momentous occurrence of silver jubilee, CE joined hands with Rotary Club of Rajdhani and painted school building. CE aided to the school which is in the phase of resurrection, as its structures got demolished in the horrifying earthquake of 2015.The school members heartily thanked CE family for their efforts in reviving the school ambience and encouraging the students. On the occasion of 25th anniversary, CE has been involved in multiple social activities. CE has been following on the motto of “Giving back to the society” since from its early days and will be complying with the same in the days ahead.

Earthquake fund distribution program

CE Construction has always bestowed its employees for its success and company deeply feels the pain of tragedies and loss brought to our employees due to devastating earthquake of 12th April, 2015. With the established company philosophy of 'Sense of Belonging' and 'Sharing is Caring' company is determined to help its employees recover from the damages lead by the quake. In doing so, CE successfully raised more than Nrs. 15,00,000/- from its staff family and directors for earthquake relief fund and reached out to 145 employees whose houses were severely damaged in an earthquake fund distribution program organized on 30th September 2015.

CE provides a helping hand to HIV- infected children

Celebrating the glory of 25th Anniversary hand on hand, CE provided financial assistance to Baby Life Home, Kirtipur. The event was organized in New Baneswor; initiated by Sunaulo Haat Nepal. Baby Life Home is a social NGO established with an objective to cater food; lodging and educational needs of HIV- infected children. Currently, the organization shelters 23 children. As scheduled, representatives of CE handed fund to Baby Life Home. During the program, children showed their heart-touching performances and made the audience emotional.

CE handed necessities for old

On the occasion of 25th anniversary, CE Construction Pvt. Ltd. distributed blankets to elderly and mentally disadvantaged citizens of Manav Sewa Ashram, Samakhusi on 12th Poush 2073. With the slogan of “Making this Winter Warm”, CE provided a helping hand to 24 old citizens residing in the old age home to battle the Kathmandu-cold. Sanitary materials like Herpic, diapers, handwash were also distributed.Since its establishment, CE has been thoroughly following “Giving back to the society” theme in its operations. Every year, CE has been conducting various activities like blood donation, Bagmati cleaning campaign, afforestation and many more as a part of social commitment. As a celebration for Silver Jubilee, CE will be conducting various activities throughout the year.

असहाय बालबालिकाको साथमा सीईको रजत जयन्ती

घर जग्गा तथा रियल स्टेट व्यवसायिक समूह सीई ग्रुपले नवकिरण अनाथ तथा असहाय आश्रमका ४० बालबालिकालाई ज्याकेट वितरण गरेको छ । आफ्नो स्थापनाको २५ औ बर्ष अर्थात रजत जयन्तीका क्रममा सो समूहले उक्त सहयोग प्रदान गरेको हो ।‘मेकिङ दिस विन्टर वार्म’भन्ने नाराका साथ गु्रपले ज्याकेट वितरण गरेको जानकारी दिएको छ । ग्रुपका संस्थापकहरु विजय राजभण्डारी ,गोपाल मानन्धर र श्याम मीलन श्रेष्ठले बालबालिकाहरुलाइ ज्याकेट वितरण गरेका थिए । गत साता ग्रुपले मानव सेवा आश्रमका वृद्धवृद्धालाई व्याङकेट वितरण गरेको थियो । ग्रुपले प्रत्येक वर्ष विभिन्न सामाजिक कार्य गर्दै आइरहेको छ । यस वर्ष भने रजतजयन्ती परेकोले वर्षभरी नै सामाजिक कार्य सञ्चालन गरिने बताइएको छ ।

CE Corporate T 10 Cricket Tournament

CE Construction Pvt. Ltd. a very well renowned company organized its 1st CE corporate T 10 Cricket Tournament. This was a two day tournament which held on Magh 5th & Magh 6th, 2080 at Ballpark Events and Academy, Imadol, Lalitpur. The main purpose of this tournament was to lighten up the monotonous schedule of many corporate individuals & to channel the inner sportsperson amongst them. Eleven teams i.e. CE Construction, SALICO Insurance, Urja Developers, Sanima GIC, Shikhar Insurance, United Ajod, IGI prudential, Siddhartha Premier, Prabhu Insurance, Oriental Insurance, Himalaya Everest Insurance were part of this amazing tournament. It was an exhilarating tournament and we were absolutely thrilled to conclude this event successfully. SALICO were the ultimate winners of this tournament whereas the home team CE Construction managed to bag the second place. All the teams gave their best effort due to which the standard of the tournament was of high stature. This being the 1st Cricket tournament organized by CE, it definitely was way beyond expectation & we surely are making this a calendar event where many corporates meet under a single roof.



Date 26 Magh 2080

On the successful completion of 1st CE Corporate T-10 Tournament, the company along with few individuals good deed managed to support a foundation named RESTA FOUNDATION which is located at Buddhanilkantha. As promised before the start of the tournament we carried the theme "Giving Back To The Society" which also is the motto of our organization. With this intent, we provided 13 lovely kids with the basic necessities like rations, sports goods, stationery items, cutleries, sanitary pads, first aid kit, floor mat, fruits, warm jackets and many more. We spent some quality time with those talented kids and they were overjoyed by our gesture towards them. We would like to thank to our staff members who directly or indirectly participate and support towards this cause who contributed wholeheartedly. We would like to continue our support to the society for a better tomorrow and wish others do the same.

Last updated: 14 February 2024

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