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Araniko Awas, Kathmandu, Nepal
Rio Apartment, Kathmandu, Nepal
Scenic_Housing, Kathmandu, Nepal

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CE Construction Pvt. Ltd. is a corporate holding company operational in areas of Construction, Consultancy, Construction Management, Property Development, Manufacturing, Education, Finance, and Health and Hospitality. The organization was founded in 1992 with general contracting and construction as its core area of operations.

CE's operations reflect its vision of socio techno development of the nation through entrepreneurship. Continuously diversifying into its CHIEF business areas, it has emerged as one of the country's leading employment generators. Its diversification through partnerships extending beyond the Nepalese border has enabled it to leverage on its core strengths thereby, offering synergy to its overall performance.

Company Vision

Socio-techno development of nation through entrepreneurship.

Company Mission

Establishment of diversified integrated ventures.